PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Solutions to Enable Organizations Automate Appraisal Processes With JSM Performance Management Software . JSM Offers Highly Customized Employee Performance Appraisal Software Solutions For Leading Companies Across Industries, Public Or Private.
Performance Appraisal Management

JSM Technologies 19 Years of Excellence in Providing Comprehensive, Customizable, Policy Driven, Parameter Driven and Configurable Performance Management Software Solutions to manage the entire Goal Setting and Appraisal Lifecyle in organizations.

Performance Appraisal Management is one of the key focus areas for every organization. Every organization aims to design and implement a dynamic and efficient Performance Appraisal Management system. JSM provides PMS Solutions that are powerful, user definable and customizable.

JSM Performance Management Software Solutions have an exhaustive and dynamic masters and policies module that help you in setting up the PMS as per your organizations requirements. JSM PMS Software Solutions allows to set up PMS Calendar, Components, weightages and hierarchy as per your requirement. You can set up deadlines for goal settings, reviews and set up the PMS calendar too. JSM PMS Solutions allows you to set up your own rating systems for KRA and Competencies. JSM PMS Software Solutions automate the entire Goal Setting Appraisal Workflows, providing visibility to all stakeholder at all times along with extensive notifications. All these can further be customized as per your organization requirements.

JSM Performance Management Software Solutions enable you to first define the organization goals which can then be defined Division and department wise too. Individual goal setting can be done which can have an approval mechanism.

JSM Appraisal Software allows you to set Performance review frequencies and conduct periodic reviews too. There is finally the year end appraisal and computation of PMS scores.

JSM Performance Management Software Solutions allows you to generate many reports. There are end user reports, HR reports and reports for management. JSM can provide customized reports as per your requirement too. JSM PMS BI provides Performance Appraisal Management BI for top management.

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JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software - PMS

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