INDUSTRIES - GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC SECTOR JSM HRIS Software for Central Government, Public Sector and Autonomous institutes. Online Service Book, VI and VII CPC Software, Online Submission of PMS and APAR. LTC and Leave Automation.
JSM HRIS Software for Government & Public Sector

JSM specialises in providing advanced Human Resource Management Software Solutions (HRMS / HRIS) providing comprehensive HR Processes automation with its industry leading software products including JSM HR Software, JSM Leave and Attendance and LTC Software, JSM Payroll Software, JSM PMS Software (APAR), JSM ESS Software, JSM Travel and Expense Management Software, JSM Reimbursement Management Software and JSM Training Management Software for the Government sector including Central Government Organizations and Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE). JSM automates maintenance of Service book via JSM e Service Book module. JSM gives facility to conduct online PMS and online submission of PAR for officers. Government and Public Sector employees can submit Leave and LTC applications online. JSM Central Government Payroll Software automates payroll processing as per VI and VII Pay Commission recommendations.

JSM Online Service Book

JSM e-Service Book is a document to record all the events of a Government servant in his/her entire service period and career, recording each and every administrative action concerning the Government servant right from the stage of his recruitment till his retirement to reflect the history of service of a Government employee.

The roll out of JSM e-Service Book is a vital step towards establishing a fully automated JSM Human Resource Management System (JSM-HRMS) with JSM employee self-service portal covering all employees of Government of India so that all processes of personnel management from “hiring to retiring” on digital platform dispensing the manual system of handling personnel management.

JSM Online Service Book can be maintained for every Government Servant (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) holding a substantive post on a permanent establishment or officiating in a post or holding a temporary post likely to last for more than one year. JSM Online Service Book Software allows you to maintain a leave account for each Government servant (Gazetted or Non-Gazetted). JSM eService Book allows recording of every step in a Government servant's official life. It allows the entries regarding increments, and fixation of pay based on the Increment Certificates, and Pay fixation statements. The declaration of the Government servant electing the new scale of Pay and the statement showing the fixation of his initial pay in the relevant scale in support of the entry in the service book can be uploaded in the service book. The declaration of Home-Town for purpose of Leave Travel Concession duly accepted by the competent authority can be updated in the service book. The photograph of the Government servant can be uploaded. Physical service book of employees also got scanned and uploaded as legacy data. All the modules of JSM HR Software, Leave / LTC Software and Payroll Software are interlinked with Service Book so that all HR, Salary, Leave and LTC data will flow from JSM HRIS to e-service book, in case of change in salary particulars due to promotion, increment, DA etc. Change made in one module will automatically reflect in other module which will reduce chances of errors etc.

JSM Central Government Payroll Software (As per VI and VII CPC)

JSM Central Government Payroll Software has been designed as per VI & VII Pay Commission requirements and follows all recommendations laid down in it.

JSM Central Government Payroll Software takes care of Employee Groups and categories. You can manage various groups (A, B, C etc) as well as Gazetted and Non Gazetted personnel. Accommodation details as well as License fees can be managed with JSM Software. JSM Central Government Payroll Software lets you define all rules as set for Pay Band, Grade Pay, DA, HRA,TA, DA on TA, Handicap Allowance and many other heads. All DA revisions are taken care of by JSM Software.

JSM Central Government Payroll Software automates increments and DA Changes. JSM Software helps you manage all kinds of arrears including DA Arrears, incremental arrears, bonus arrears, promotion arrears and Redesignation arrears. Supplementary paybills for all kinds of arrears can be taken from JSM Software.

JSM HRIS Software lets you manage Sterilization Increment / Family Planning Allowance. JSM Software helps you to record all Part II Orders.

JSM CG Payroll Software allows you to create all deduction heads including TDS. JSM Software can handle all 3 – CPF, GPF and NPS. CGHS, CGEIS and GIS too can be taken care of by JSM Software.

JSM Central Government Payroll Software helps you manage all kinds of loans and advances. You can manage all kinds of loans including – Festival Advance, HBA, Vehicle loan, GPF Advance etc. All kinds of schedules for all loans can be generated from JSM Software. Last Pay Certificate – LPC too can be taken out from JSM Software.

JSM HRIS Software helps you in management of Table recovery heads. JSM HRIS Software helps you in management of Out of Payroll heads too.

JSM Central Govt Payroll Software allows you to generate pay slips. Aquittance roll can be taken out from JSM Software. Various kinds of Pay bills can be taken out with many grouping options - Employee category wise, Group wise, Designation wise etc. All reports have many options and you can segregate as per your convenience – GPF, CPF and NPS employee wise. All deduction schedules are available in JSM Software.

JSM Leave & LTC Management Software

JSM Leave Management Software helps you in automating Leave policies as per Central Government rules. You can create Leave types, entitlements and other policies as per the rules. JSM Leave Management Software allows you to define yearly entitlements, carry over and max limits as per government policies.

Government employees can check leave balances online, apply for leave online and reporting officers can approve as well check leave history of reportees.

JSM LTC Software allows you to define LTC rules as per Government policies . You can create LTC Block Years and LTC type policies. You can set LTC entitlements specifying the eligible travel modes and sub modes Grade Pay wise. Leave encashment slabs too can be set. Dependents LTC eligibility can be set.

At the time of going live you can set Last availed LTC, Current Block year LTC, and Last Chosen LTC. You can also set LTC block year for fresh recruits.

JSM Employee Self Service has a complete online LTC workflow automating the entire LTC application workflow. Employees can submit LTC application online and check the approval status of the same. Provision is there to apply for leave, check LTC rules, submit LTC application specifying advance, family details and journey details and also to apply for leave encashment. JSM gives provision to check balances and past LTC availed data.

JSM Performance Management Systems in Government

JSM’s PMS is a system which would enable organizations to meaningfully and objectively link employees performance vis-à-vis the agency’s Organizational Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals. It is a technology composed of strategies, methods, and tools for ensuring fulfillment of the functions of the offices and its personnel as well as for assessing the quality, quantity and timeliness of the accomplishments.

The JSM Performance Management software is also seen as a significant link in the entire process of attaining the Organization’s goals because it aims to produce information useful in planning, management and decision-making processes and to help address crucial management issues and constraints.

Individual contributions can be linked to the strategic objectives of the organization. Annual performance agreements signed between the Minister and the Secretary/Heads of Departments, providing physical and verifiable details of the work to be done during a financial year can be recorded in JSM PMS Software.

JSM PMS is an integrated system for managing performance. JSM performance management is linked to other modules of JSM HRIS Software

JSM PMS Calendar acts as a guide which tells when and what processes / forms must be submitted and when PMS activities must be undertaken.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Public enterprises. This is a major instrument of performance management in public enterprises. It is essentially a negotiated performance agreement between government and the management of the public enterprises. This system improves accountability and enhances autonomy. JSM provides a PMS Solution that supports MoU based performance management system.

JSM PMS Software enable Supervisors to be given opportunity by the System to make comments and recommendations regarding employee’s strengths and weaknesses which may be instrumental in furthering his career or identifying constraints that may impede his development.

Online filing of APARs is crucial for good governance as it eliminates the possibility of any manipulation in the physical forms and ensures timely submission and finalisation of APARs which are invaluable tools for assessing the performance of officers with a view to chalk out their career progression and training needs. Further, availability of APARs online makes them readily accessible to the officers concerned thereby making the system transparent and immune to inefficiencies associated with physical transit of APARs.

As a measure towards good governance, Government Departments are making online filing of Performance Appraisal Reports (PAR) mandatory. JSM PAR Software automates the online submission of PAR.

JSM PMS Software allows for an objective performance rating which shall serve as basis for incentives and rewards, promotion, training and development, personnel actions and administrative sanctions.

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