JSM RECRUITMENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Advanced Most Comprehensive Recruitment Management Software Seamlessly Automating entire Recruitment process – Manpower Planning and Budgeting, Manpower Requisition, Resume Details, Shortlisting, Interviews, Letters and Reference Checks
JSM Recruitment Management Software

JSM Recruitment Management Software is an advanced, 19 years old software to automate the entire recruitment process from Manpower Planning, Budgeting, Manpower Requisition Workflows, Approvals, Internal Job Postings, Resume Details, Shortlisting of candidates, Interview Rounds to Selection, Generation of letters and Refence Checks.

JSM Recruitment Software has flexible and configurable user defined workflows and approval levels. JSM Recruitment Management Software has Emailing on all events including Submission, Approval and Rejection. Auto Mailing features. Powerful reporting system to generate all kinds of reports for all stakeholders.

JSM Recruitment Software is a comprehensive Applicant Tracking Software to track all candidate events from submission of resume to selection and on boarding.

JSM Recruitment Software has an Candidate Login to enable Candidates to Login and enter complete Employment Application form data covering all personal as well as professional information. Post selection this data flows seamlessly into JSM HR Software thereby avoiding duplication of data entry efforts.

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Special Features
  • Completely Masters Driven Recruiting Software

    There is no hard coding of any business logic. You define your own rules / business logic. JSM Recruitment Software has been designed so that it can take care of variations in business logic / rules from company to company. The advantage to you as a customer is that this avoids costly customizations.

  • Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you define your business policies for your Recruitment processes. So you can create policies that exist in your organization in JSM Recruitment Software.

  • Powerful reporting capabilities

    JSM Recruitment Software offers unparalleled Recruitment Reporting capabilities. User has the control on selecting reporting criteria. JSM Recruitment Software has more than 100 reports and satisfies the needs of powerful reports in HR.

  • Facility to print Letters

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you printout important letters freeing up your time. A powerful Template Builder enables you to build your own letters template. You can print Offer Letter, Appointment Letters and other important letters.

  • Facility to Email Letters / Reminders

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you email important letters / reminders to Candidates, Employees and other stakeholders.

  • Powerful Reporting Tool

    JSM Recruitment Software uses Crystal Reports that is the most powerful reporting tool in the industry today.

  • Facility to export all Reports

    It lets you export all Reports into Excel, Word and many other formats.

  • Powerful Security Module

    JSM Recruitment Software has an advanced Security Module that lets you create Roles and then assign these to as many users as possible. It lets you create form and report level security. JSM Recruitment lets you restrict access to each Form and in that too you can specify for each user these activities - Whether he / she can view the form, modify data or delete data.

  • Report Designer / Report Builder

    JSM Recruitment Software has an advanced Report Designer that lets you create reports the way you want. It lets you decide which fields you want to select and then take out an report as per your specific needs.

  • Alerts

    JSM Recruitment Management Software lets you create Automatic Alerts so that you can get timely reminders of important events at times you want. So you can now get reminders of interviews etc.

  • Centralized Documents Management

    Take the pain out of managing multiple documents in multiple locations / systems. Now you can attach any Windows document in JSM Human Resources Software. JSM Recruitment Management Software gives you facility to attach any document be it Word, Excel, Notepad or any other document and then open it from JSM HR itself.

  • Facility to Scan Candidate Documents, photographs and Signatures

    JSM Recruitment Management Software lets you scan Candidate documents, photographs and signatures and attach to JSM Recruitment Software

  • Integrated with HR Software

    JSM Recruitment Software is completely integrated with JSM HR and Payroll Software so with one integrated HRIS software you can connect HR and Finance departments.

  • Manpower Requisition

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you raise manpower requisition specifying various criteria like qualification details, skills sets and responsibilities details, experience, gender and age group requirements among other requirements.

  • Resume Master

    You can capture all important information about an candidate here like contact details, all addresses, DOB, father name, all past experience details, qualification details and References.

  • Short listing of Candidates

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you do short listing of candidates based on various criteria like qualification, age group, city, gender, experience etc.

  • Interview

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you set up and conduct interviews and record results.

  • On Hold and Rejected Candidate Database

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you see database of On Hold and Rejected Candidates. These can be purged as per your requirements.

  • Reference Check

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you create a database of questions that need to be asked during Ref Check and conduct Ref Check.

  • Letters

    JSM Recruitment Software lets you centralize all important letter creation through our software. Now you can take out Offer letters, Appointment Letters etc from JSM Human Resources Software.

  • Manpower Requisition

    JSM Recruitment lets you view reports on Manpower Requisition. You can view details about an vacancy and also track vacancy status.

  • Resume Master

    Facility to view various kinds of reports on Resume like - resume details. Facility to filter based on various criteria like qualification, state, city, age, gender etc.

  • Shortlisting of Candidates

    Facility to view shortlisted candidates reports. Various filtering criteria are possible.

  • Interview

    Reports on interview results. Reports can be segregated round wise also.

  • On Hold and Rejected Candidate Database

    Reports on on hold and rejected candidates.

  • Reference Check

    Ref check results can be printed from here.


JSM Recruitment Software is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs JSMTPL can customize Recruitment Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost. In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done.

Implementation Support
  • Master Entry / Business Policies Entry Support

    JSMTPL shall help you in entering all Masters. We shall understand your business logic and guide you in inputting these in JSM Recruitment Software. JSM has world class senior team who have a minimum of 100 clients past experience in implementation.

  • Employee Masters Entry Support

    SMTPL shall guide you in building up the Employee Masters. Keeping your time deadlines in mind JSMTPL shall guide you with the fastest way of building up Employee Masters.

  • Data Entry Support

    JSMTPL can support you in Data Entry in case your organization wishes to outsource the same.

  • Data Porting Support

    In case you have data in Excel and wish it to be ported JSMTPL can support you here also. JSMTPL shall provide you with pre defined Excel formats and then import the same.


JSM provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. JSM's proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in JSM Recruitment Software. At the start of the implementation JSM charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software. All Trainings are provided by World class experts who have a minimum of 16 Years Experience and have already trained at least 100 clients.


After JSM completes Implementation and Training of all uses free Maintenance starts for a fixed period. JSM shall take care of any queries you may have during this period. The free Maintenance period lets you get settled down in the software. After you have developed confidence in the software and had a few months successful usage of JSM Recruitment Software JSMTPL encourages you to sign up for the paid Maintenance. Here you get cost effective support on a annual basis along with new versions and updates.

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