JSM TASK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Complete Task Life Cycle Management Software For Employee Task Tracking And Automating Employee Task Allocation, Assignment, Submissions And Approvals and Reporting. Parameter Driven And Customizable. AD Integration. Powerful BI And Productivity Reports
JSM Task Management Software

JSM Task Management Software is an advanced Task Life Cycle Automation Software for Employee Task Tracking directly improving efficiency and productivity in the organization. JSM Task Tracking Software enables organizations to automate the entire process of Employee Task Assigning, Submissions and approvals and helping organizations to track employee task and time on 4 key metrics (each being optional) – Project, Client, KRA and Activity. JSM Task Management Software is the most comprehensive and customizable task software for all kinds of organizations and industries including IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharma, Design, Architecture, NGOS’ etc for accurate employee task tracking and productivity.

Task Management is a very important area in every organization. JSM Task Management Software has been specially developed by JSM Technologies for automating Task Allocation, Assignment, Task Entry, Tracking, Reporting and tracking employee task completion. With JSM Task Management Software it is possible to maximize the potential of each Employee through online task entry, efficient handling of approvals and availability of important reports related to Task, Time and Effort. JSM Task Management Software is integrated with Timesheet Management Software, JSM HR Software and JSM Payroll Software so that both Task and Timesheet are seamlessly integrated. JSM Task Management Software is integrated with Leave and Attendance software as well as to all related workflows including Leave, Out Door Duty, Comp off and Working on Weekly Off. JSM Task Software is integrated with Attendance Machine.

Automating Online Task Entry with JSM Task Management Software will enable efficiently and timely Employee Task and Time Tracking, reduce the work load on HR, Admin, Projects and Accounts staff, facilitate confidentiality, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing task related information. Because of its integration with Timesheet Management Software, JSM HR Software and JSM Payroll Software, it offers a single view of all data to All departments including HR, Projects, Admin, and Finance departments as well as to Top Management.

JSM Task management Software enables task tracking throughout its life cycle and making decisions based on the progress. Task management done using JSM Task Management Software help effectively organize and manage tasks by using functions such as task creation, planning and assignment, tracking and reporting.

The reports generated by JSM Tasks Management assist the management in analysing the overall efficiency of an individual, department or organization.

JSM Task Management tools are used to track personal, group or shared tasks.

Features of JSM Task Management Software include the following:
• Task creation, assignment and reassignment, prioritization, task sharing, etc.
• Notification and report generation
• Calendar
• Security and access control
• Integration with other JSM HRIS Software Modules including JSM Time Sheet Software
• Sorting

Employees can be given responsibility for creating, assigning, prioritizing and monitoring a task to ensure that it is completed on time. Administrative features allow administrators to change priorities, reassign tasks, add more time or people to handle the tasks. With JSM Task Management Software, it is possible to track and identify a team based on what it is doing, determine the time a task is taking and to determine the team's efficiency. Facility to manage a task and to see the history of completed, pending, overdue and ongoing tasks. The reports generated by the software contain details such as the start date, deadline, overdue date, tasks and time allocation. JSM Task Management Software is therefore an important software that allows supervisors to monitor the time employees spend on a task, the ongoing and completed tasks, and an employee’s workload and performance. This information can be used to balance workloads, forecast bottlenecks and guard against delays and missed deadlines.

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