INDUSTRIES - Education JSM’s specialised HRIS Software solutions for Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities, Private Universities, Institutes of National Importance and Autonomous Institutes.
JSM HRIS Software for the Education Sector

JSM Technologies provides specialised HR and Payroll Software solutions for Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities, Private Universities, Institutes of National Importance and Autonomous Institutes (IIM, IIT, NIT, IIIT, IISERS, AIIMS, NIPERS, SPA) and other educational institutions.

JSM provides comprehensive HR Software and Payroll Software for Universities automating all Academic (Teaching Staff) and Non-Academic staff HR related events from Hire to Retire, Leave and Attendance, LTC, e-Service book as per Government rules, Payroll as per VI & VIIth Pay Commission as well as Customized payroll software, Statutory compliance, Pension for retirees, Performance Management Software, Travel and Expense, Training Management Software and Complete Employee Self Service Software.

JSM HRIS Software allows for different rules and policies for Academic (Teaching Staff) and Non-Academic staff (Non-Teaching Staff). All HR, Leave and Pay and Allowance’s polices can be set employee category wise too.

JSM e-Service Book Software is an digitisation of the present physical service book capturing all employee events from hire to retire, including all personal, family, leave, compensation and professional data. JSM Software enables storing of all personal and professional life cycle data in a digital form.

JSM Leave Management Software allows leave policies creation as per central Govt / Govt rules and regulations. All Leave types as per Govt rules can be created and their policies defined as specified by the Government. Leave entitlements, carry and max limits can be set as specified by the Govt. All this is tightly integrated with Service Book and leave events are captured in the e-Service book.

JSM LTC Management Software allows you to set all rules and entitlements as specified by the Govt. LTC and Leave Encashment are tightly integrated and all events are reflected in the e-Service book.

JSM Payroll Software enables universities and educational institutions to process salary as per VI and VII Pay commission recommendations. All Pay and Allowances as per VI as well as VII Pay Commission can be defined in JSM Software.

JSM HRIS Software lets you define all rules as set for Pay Levels, Pay Bands, Grade Pay, DA, HRA,TA, Handicap Allowance and many other heads. All DA, HRA and TA revisions are taken care of by JSM Software.

JSM Payroll Software allows to set the entire Pay Matrix as per VII Pay Commission with Pay Levels, Indexes, Entry Pay, and Pay Progression as defined in the Pay Matrix for VII CPC.

All kinds of Pay Bills, Supplementary Pay Bills and Schedules are possible with JSM Payroll Software. Various kinds of Paybills can be taken out with many grouping options - Employee category wise, Group wise, Designation wise etc. All reports have many options and you can segregate as per your convenience – GPF, CPF and NPS employee wise.

JSM takes care of all statutory calculations including Income Tax, Professional Tax, PF, GPF, NPS, EPF, CPF, CGHS, CGEIS, Gratuity and Bonus.

JSM Software helps you manage all kinds of arrears including DA Arrears, incremental arrears, bonus arrears, promotion arrears and Redesignation arrears. Supplementary paybills for all kinds of arrears can be taken from JSM Software.

Accommodation details as well as License fees can be managed with JSM Software. JSM Software enables calculation of License Fees, Electricity charges and Water charges.

JSM Employee Self Service software empowers every employee via his personal login via a browser to have complete access to his / her own personal data. Any employee can check his own leave, LTC, salary, Income Tax, Loan, GPF, CPF, and other relevant data. There are various workflows on Leave, LTC, IT Declarations, IT Proofs etc.

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