e-Service Book for Govt. Employees Service book is the most vital document of govt. employees and all data related with service of employees are recorded in the service book e.g. joining of employee, their promotion, transfer, salary, leave etc.
e-Service Book for Government Employees

JSM provides software solutions for automation of service book preparation, maintenance, updating and verification.

Service Book is a document to record all the events of a Government servant in his/her entire service period and career, recording each and every administrative action concerning the Government servant right from the stage of his recruitment till his retirement to reflect the history of service of a Government employee.

The roll out of e-Service Book is a vital step towards establishing a fully automated Human Resource Management System (HRMS) with an employee self-service portal covering all employees of Government of India so that all processes of personnel management from “hiring to retiring” on digital platform dispensing the manual system of handling personnel management.

Maintenance of Service Books

A Service Book should be maintained by the Head of Office for every Government Servant (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) holding a substantive post on a permanent establishment or officiating in a post or holding a temporary post likely to last for more than one year.

A service book shall be maintained for a Government servant from the date of his first appointment to Government service.

A service book must be maintained for every full time Govt. employee.

Head of the Office is responsible to open service book in duplicate immediately after the joining of an employee.

Attestation of Entries in Service Books

The Head of Office can delegate, to a subordinate gazetted officer under him, powers to attest entries in the service books of all gazetted officers (except his own) for the maintenance of which he is responsible. The Head of Office should however scrutinize at least ten per cent of these documents every year and initial the same in token of having done so.

Leave Account

A leave account shall be maintained for each Government servant (Gazetted or Non-Gazetted) by the Head of Office. Entries regarding leave in the leave account and the service book should be made distinctly.

Nature of Entries in Service Book

Every step in a Government servant's official life should be recorded in his service book.

The entries regarding increments, and fixation of pay should be based on the Increment Certificates, and Pay fixation statements. The declaration of the Government servant electing the new scale of Pay and the statement showing the fixation of his initial pay in the relevant scale in support of the entry in the service book should be pasted in the service book.

The declaration of Home-Town for purpose of Leave Travel Concession duly accepted by the competent authority should be pasted in the service book.

Every period of suspension from employment and every other interruption in service must be noted promptly with full details of its duration.

Periodical Inspection of Service Books by the Govt. Servant Concerned

The Head of Office should show the service book to each Government servant under his administrative control every year, and obtain his signature therein in token of his having inspected the service book. A certificate to the effect that he has done so in respect of the preceding financial year should be submitted by him to his next superior by the end of every September.

Entries regarding Date of Birth

The provisions of Rules 79 and 80 of GFRs should be observed with regard to the entry of the date of birth in the service book.

Entries regarding verification of service

In the beginning of each year all the service books should be taken up for verification of service by the Head of Office in terms of Rule 81 of GFRs and a certificate in the following manner recorded therein over his signature :- "Service verified upto (date) from ........................the record from which the verification is made''.

Note regarding receipts of nominations for pension/ DCRG & other important to entries

A clear note should be made in the service book regarding the receipt of nomination for DCR Gratuity and Family Pension and related notices from the Government servant and where they have been lodged for safe custody.

The orders of the competent authority regarding the counting or otherwise of periods of extraordinary leave, or periods preceding breaks in service or qualifying service for pension should be obtained invariably at the very time the occasion arises and not later. Such orders should be noted in the service book.

General Provident Fund Account No. allotted to a Government servant (including any subsequent changes in the Account No.) should be entered on the right hand top of page 1 of his service book by means of a rubber stamp.

The Head of Office should obtain from every Government servant who is a member of C.G.E.G.I. Scheme a nomination in Form 7/Form 8 as the case may be, countersign it and paste it in the Service Book. Whenever the nomination is revised by the Government servant, the fresh nomination should be similarly counter-signed and pasted.

The photograph of the Government servant should be pasted.

Proper entries regarding medical examination of the Government servant at the time of appointment and attestation forms verifying antecedents and character etc. should be made at the appropriate place of the service book.

Advantages of e Service Book

The shift to electronic service book would free up significant manpower to concentrate on core functions of the Department. It will lead to stoppage of physical movement of Service Book and other documents between the Departments that will save time of the organisation and problem of missing Service Book will be eliminated. This will also enable timely verification of Service Book that will facilitate timely processing and finalization of pensions. Availability of centralized data will enable government for policy research and planning as educational qualifications, trainings undergone and other competencies and deficiencies may be easily obtained. It will enable Government to take transfer, redesignation, horizontal movement and posting decisions more pragmatically based on reliable first hand data.

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