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Aug 02 2019
JSM launches for Manufacturing Industries Ver 19.20 of JSM Leave Management Software & Attendance Management Software

Ver 19.20 Launch of JSM Leave and Attendance Management Software specifically for meeting extensive time office reporting needs of Manufacturing Industries.

JSM Leave and Attendance Management Software with exhaustive reports to meet the extensive Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly reporting requirements of Manufacturing Industries on Man Power Utilisation, Attendance, Attendance Status, Muster roll, All Punches, Work Hours, Paid Days, Absenteeism, Present, Leave, LWP, Early leaving, Late arrival, Shift, OD, Comp Off, Holidays & Overtime along with Statutory Registers.

July 29 2019
Custom Built Performance Management Software Solutions for custom PMS requirements of Leading Organizations.

Do More with Custom Built JSM Performance Management Software designed to meet your organizations unique Performance Appraisal requirements.

Each organization has its own unique processes for employee Performance Appraisals. Every organization has its own set of PMS components, Ratings systems, Approving levels, Goal setting and Appraisal processes as well as unique reporting, MIS and BI requirements.

JSM Performance Management Software in an 19 years old totally customizable Performance Appraisal Software to meet your organizations unique PMS needs.

JSM PMS Software is part of industry leading JSM HRIS / HRMS suite of HR and Payroll software products.

July 20 2019
JSM Technologies launches Ver 19.02 of JSM HR and Payroll Software with great new features and enhancements in modules related to Core HR, Payroll, Performance Appraisal, Training, Leave and Attendance, Travel and Expense software.

JSM adds powerful new parameters and features in policy settings across modules of HR and Payroll Software giving clients greater flexibility in individual client policy settings thereby reducing customizations in the standard product. JSM introduces added Notifications enhancing event visibility to all stakeholders at all times.

June 15 2019
JSM Payroll Software - For automating payroll processing of Nagaland Government Departmental Employees as per The “Nagaland Services (ROP), Rules, 2017”.

JSM Central Government Payroll Software for automation of Government Employees Pay and Allowances Processing of Nagaland Government Departments as per The “Nagaland Services (Revision of Pay) Rules, 2017”.

JSM Central Government Payroll Software is 6th and 7th CPC compliant.

JSM Payroll Software allows for automation of salary processing as per Basic Pay as defined in the Pay Matrix with 20 Levels as specified in the Nagaland Services (ROP) Rules, 2017

May 10 2019
JSM Technologies specialised HRIS Software solutions for Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities, Private Universities, Institutes of National Importance and Autonomous Institutes (IIMs, IITs, NITs, IIITs, IISERSs, AIIMSs, NIPERSs, SPAs) and other educational institutions.

JSM provides comprehensive HR Software and Payroll Software for Universities automating all Academic (Teaching Staff) and Non-Academic staff HR related events from Hire to Retire, Leave and Attendance, LTC, e-Service book as per Government rules, Payroll as per VI & VIIth Pay Commission as well as Customized payroll software, Statutory compliance, Pension for retirees, Performance Management Software, Travel and Expense, Training Management Software and Complete Employee Self Service Software.

April 10 2019
Automation of FY 2019-2020 Appraisals in Leading Organizations in India with JSM PMS Software.

JSM Technologies is enabling leading corporates in India to automate their appraisal processes for FY 2019-2020 with JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software.

JSM Performance Appraisal Software is helping companies set Goals for FY 2019-2020 with customized software solutions meeting specific business needs.

JSM offers highly customized employee performance appraisal software's for leading companies across industries, public or private.

Mar 06 2019
JSM announces release of Ver 18.10 of JSM Employee Exit Management Software with seamless automation of all Employee exit management processes.

JSM Technologies releases Version 18.10 of JSM Employee Exit Management Software. Powerful new features in setting up of customized exit policies, approval mechanisms and exit checklists. More flexibility in withdrawal, revoke and retention.

Extensive Emailing and Auto mailing to help employee, manager, HR and other stake holders to be on the top of things.

Feb 14 2019
JSM Payroll Software for automation of payroll processing in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) as per recommendations of 3rd Pay Revision Committee (PRC) on pay scales, allowances, perquisites, and other benefits.

JSM CPSE Payroll Software is an advanced payroll processing to automate payroll for manpower of CPSEs belonging to Board level functionaries, Below board level executives and Non-unionized supervisory staff.

Jan 23 2019
JSM PMS Software for automation of Appraisals in Manufacturing Industries covering core departments of Production, Quality, Maintenance and Electrical.

JSM Performance Appraisal Software for automation of appraisals in Manufacturing industries covering core departments of Production, Quality, Maintenance and Electrical among other departments.

JSM PMS Software enables manufacturing industries to set goals and do appraisals on key KRA's and KPI 's covering Production, Productivity, Rejections, Wastage, Downtime / Uptime and Customer complaints among other KRA's.

Manufacturing industries can analyse key KRAs of Production, Productivity, Rejections, Wastage, Downtime / Uptime and Customer complaints among other KRA's using the powerful BI and other reporting features of JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software.

Jan 09 2019
JSM Payroll Software - Ver 18.07. Advanced 18 plus years old Payroll Software to manage complex payroll processing in India.

JSM Payroll Software effectively handles multiple organizational structures, policies and rules and regulations. Features rich Payroll Software to manage all aspects of Payroll in India. JSM Payroll Software very efficiently handles all statutory compliances in India.

Wide range of standard reports backed by a powerful report builder as well a BI module for Top Management. All that and more you can expect from 18 years of excellence in Indian Payroll Software.

Dec 10 2018
Seamless Automation of Recruitment Processes Across Your Organization - Ver 18.6 - JSM Recruitment Management Software

JSM enables seamless automation of your entire recruitment processes across the organization with JSM Recruitment Management Software.

With JSM HR Software you automate Manpower Requisition Workflows, Interview Workflows as well as Letters automation. Candidate Logins extend your automation reach to the candidates too. JSM On-Boarding software wonderfully completes the entire recruitment cycle automation.

Automated emailing features further bring efficiencies to yourorganization. All this backed by a powerful HR BI module.

Nov 19 2018
JSM Performance Appraisal Software Ver 18.07- Successfully automate your entire manual Appraisal Process

Successfully automate your manual Appraisal Process using JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software. JSM PMS Software is a fully customized software as per your organizations unique appraisal methodology.

JSM PMS Software allows you to pick and choose for a vast repository of built in PMS Components. You can set your own unique Goal Setting as well as Appraisal Process. Choose your own rating mechanism.

JSM PMS Software has built in parameters and policy setting options to meet your unique needs.

Nov 12 2018
JSM Travel and Expense Management Software Ver 18.07 with SAP Integration - Successfully automate your entire manual Travel and Expense Claims Process

Automate your organizations entire process of Travel and Expense claims using JSM Expense Claims Reimbursement Software.

JSM Travel Management Software is a policies and parameter driven software that enables you to set your own Travel and Expense policies and processes in JSM Software.

JSM Expense Management Software is integrated with Active Directory. JSM Supports SAP integration as well as any other ERP integration.

Sep 27 2018
JSM launches Ver 18.04 of JSM PMS Software adding powerful new features and capabilities to automate appraisal processes in leading organizations.

JSM understands the unique appraisal processes in each organizations and tailors its Performance Appraisal Solutions as per the unique needs of each client. JSM provides highly customized Performance Appraisal Software solutions enabling clients to successfully automate their specific appraisal processes.

Sep 25 2018
Launch of Ver 18.04 JSM Central Government Payroll Software meeting 7th CPC recommendations

JSM launches Ver 18.04 of JSM Central Govt Payroll Software adding new features and reporting facilities keeping in mind the sometimes distinct requirements of various departments and reporting their reporting needs.

JSM 7th CPC Payroll Software is the industry leading payroll software for automating Pay and Allowances in Central Government departments in India and the various organization following 7th CPC recommendations in India.

JSM specializes in providing industry leading Payroll Software solutions with the unique capability of delivering customized solutions as per the unique needs of each client.

JSM clients benefit from JSM's unique capability to deliver excellent products along with customization's as per client needs.

Sep 15 2018
JSM Performance Management Software - Appraisal Software for Manufacturing Industries

JSM PMS Software for Manufacturing Sector automates the entire appraisal process of production based industries. JSM Appraisal Management Software allows manufacturing based industries to set monthly production based targets, capture daily production data and compile data for the month and arrive at ratings.

JSM clients benefit from the vast and deep expertise of JSM in Performance Management and the entire HR process domain. JSM clients benefit immensely from the customized software solutions whereby JSM team customizes the entire appraisal process as per the unique requirements of each client. Each client thereby gets a Customized PMS Software which is a per the client policies and requirements.

Jul 25 2018
JSM Online In-Disciplinary Tracking Software for Blue Collar Employees.

Automate the entire process of In-Disciplinary action including Incident Sheet recording, Warnings, HR records, HR recommendations, Counselling sessions, Disciplinary Action, uploading of respective documents and reporting. JSM Software reduces the process time for in-disciplinary cases and improves its effectiveness as well as the operational efficiency.

Reporting supervisors / managers can punch In-disciplinary cases into JSM Software directly with all required details as well as upload scan copy of Indiciplinary form with signature of concerned employee

JSM HRIS Software allows all approvers as well as HR to be in loop for the system generated automated email alerts playing an important role into this process improvement. Approval time is minimised by sending email alerts to all the concerns for the pending approvals. With the automated email alerts, all the concerned stakeholders can identify the reason for the delay or intentional delay if any and further causes. JSM HRIS Software enables all the members in the workflow to get email alert of approval or disapproval mentioning the reason. Automated Email alerts from JSM HRIS Software will help the organization to speed up the In-disciplinary action process at various approval levels.

JSMHRIS Software allows current status of every In-Disciplinary action case to be tracked at any stage by all members involved in this process helping to bring complete transparency into the process.

JSM HRIS Software has an document upload functionality providing e-filing of each and every document which is uploaded in to the system.

JSM HRIS Software saves efforts in handling hard copies of In-disciplinary forms and less effort is required in retrieving the old data.

With JSM HRIS Software all details of In-disciplinary cases will be available on one screen which makes it easy to track any case.

JSM HRIS Software ultimately helps in transparent, fair, accurate and timely management decisions.

Jun 15 2018
Ver 18.02 of JSM HRIS Software launched by JSM Technologies Pvt Ltd.

JSM launches new version of JSM HRIS Software with exciting new features and reporting flexibility in modules of Core HR, Payroll, Leave and Attendance, Employee Self Service, Statutory compliance, PMS, Training, Travel and Expenses and Timesheet and HRIS Business Intelligence.

May 09 2018
7Th CPC Payroll Software for Central Universities and Autonomous Institutes in India.

Central Universities in India under the purview of Union Human Resource Development Ministry implement 7th CPC recommendations. Different universities as per the MHRD order start the implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission.
JSM Central Government Payroll Software is enabling the various Central Govt Universities and Autonomous institutes in the roll out of 7th CPC in their respective Universities and Institutes. JSM Central Govt Payroll Software is playing a challenging role is helping the Universities in automating the payroll processes for Pay as per VIIth CPC and Allowances which still have a mixed calculation of VIth as well as VIIth CPC.
JSM Central Govt Payroll Software is playing a pivotal role in the transition from VIth CPC to VIIth CPC.

May 02 2018
JSM Training Management Software for Manufacturing Industries to automate complete training data management of staff as well as workers.

JSM launches new version of JSM Training Management Software to automate all training related activities.
JSM Training Management Software is a complete Training Data Management Software helping manufacturing companies in complete automation of crucial Training data covering Training programs, Nomination workflow, TNI, Training calendar, Training records, Training feedback from employees, Training effectiveness from HOD and Reports related to all aspects of training data. Integration with JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software for TNI. Linked to skill matrix.

Mar 31 2018
JSM Technologies announces release of Ver 17.10 of JSM Employee Self Service (ESS) Software

JSM releases new version of Employee Self Service Software – ESS with new features and enhancements in automating workflows related to benefits given to employees who have been called on duty for various business requirements.
JSM ESS Software allows for seamless automation of workflows related to Late Sitting Allowance, Cab Reimbursement, Second Shift Allowance, Holiday Allowance, Sixth Day Allowance, Meal Allowance, Project Allowance and On Call Allowance among others. JSM ESS Software also allows for seamless integration of ESS with Payroll Processing thus providing completely integrated solutions for HR, ESS, Leave and Attendance, Allowances and Payroll.

Mar 27 2018
Ver 17.10 JSM Timesheet Software released by JSM Technologies with specific features for Project based and Engineering Companies.

A major new release of JSM Timesheet Software for Engineering, Project based companies launched by JSM Technologies.
Engineering, Project based companies with multiples of projects and the complexities thereby will benefit from JSM Timesheet software which addresses specific requirements of multiple project based companies in the areas of Project Masters, Project Reporting, Project Manager reporting across projects, Timesheet Workflows, Timesheet Approval logic, Project Costing and many other areas specific to engineering and project based companies involving 100’s of project and cross project reporting.

Mar 20 2018
JSM launches new version of JSM Expense Management Software incorporating new features on Event Expenses.

JSM Expense Reimbursement Software enables leading organizations automate the entire expense workflow for both Travel Expenses as well as Event Expenses. Not only can Travel Expenses be routed by employees through JSM Software, expenses related on company / official Events too can be routed through it simplifying the entire expense process. JSM Expense Management Software brings both the process of Travel as well as Company / Event Expense under the same software window under a single login. JSM thus provides a comprehensive single window multi-purpose Expense Management Software.

Feb 27 2018
JSM HRIS Software new version launch for the IT sector.

JSM announces release of new version of JSM HRMS Software adding powerful new features benefitting the IT and Engineering industries specifically among others. Automation and enhancement of specific processes /workflows related to Leave, Attendance, Allowances, Timesheet, Payroll and Employee Self Service workflows done in JSM HRIS Software. This shall further add the numerous existing workflows and increase the overall business processes automation level in the IT industry.

Jan 18 2018
JSM Payroll Software Ver 17.08 launched to help corporates with 2018-2019 Payroll Implementations.

JSM announces launch of Ver 17.08 of JSM Payroll Management Software. JSM adds new functionalities and flexibility in reporting. JSM further improves on Implementation ensuring successful implementation of even the most challenging projects.

Dec 02 2017
Ver 17.06 release of JSM Performance Management Software

Ver 17.06 release of @JSMPMSSoftware with many new and powerful features to help organization in Performance Appraisals. JSM Performance Appraisal Software enables organizations to automate complete appraisal processes.

Dec 01 2017
Launch of Ver 17.06 of JSM HRIS Software with Powerful New Features for Human Resources Management

JSM announces the launch of Ver 17.06 of JSM HRIS Software with many new innovative and powerful features empowering organizations and employees.
JSM adds powerful new features in JSM Human Resources Software in various modules of HR, Payroll, Leave and Attendance.

Sep 15 2017
Launch of Ver 17.05 of JSM HRIS Software automating, organizing, and simplifying complex HR and Payroll planning.

JSM Launches Ver 17.05 of JSM HRIS Software automating, organizing, and simplifying complex HR and Payroll planning and enabling managers to increase accuracy, improve budget allocations, and align HR and Payroll decisions with organizational guidelines. Key features in HR, Payroll as well as in Leave and Attendance modules. Enhancements made to the JSM ESS Software too.

Jul 22 2017
Launch of Version 17.02 of JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software. (PMS)

JSM announces release of JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software with new features added to Employee Goal Setting, Mid-Year Appraisal and Year end Appraisals. New features added especially for Public Sector clients helping automation of executives from the levels E 1 to E 9.

Jul 15 2017
Implementation of revised rates of allowances as per 7th CPC in JSM Central Govt Payroll Software

JSM launches new version 17.02 of JSM Central Government Payroll Software incorporating new features which meet recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) committed on allowances. JSM adds new features based on changes in allowance as per 7th CPC recommendation including those related to new rules of HRA and TA.

May 30 2017
Launch of Ver 17.01 of JSM HRIS Software marking 18 years of excellence in HRMS

JSM Launches ver 17.01 of JSM HRIS Software marking 17 successful years of excellence in Human Capital Management Software Solutions. JSM adds new features to its comprehensive suite of Human Resources Management Software including Core HR, Payroll, Leave and Attendance, PMS, Training, Exit, ESS, Travel and Expense modules.

Apr 01 2017
Start of New FY in India and Release of Ver 16.12 of JSM HRIS Software.

JSM HRIS Ver 16.12 launched in India. Compliant with Indian Statutory laws for FY 2017 – 2018 JSM Payroll Software enables client to meet compliance requirements for the current FY.

Mar 06 2017
Automation of support processes for JSM Clients.

JSM further strengthens its internal systems and processes to provide faster and more efficient support to clients. JSM further enhances and upgrades its internal software for automating Customer Complaints, Change Requests and Bug Reports. JSM uses its own proprietary system for all support processes.

Feb 18 2017
VII Pay Commission Implementations and Migrations at JSM Clients.

JSM helps clients in the ongoing process of implementation of VII Pay Commission recommendations. JSM Clients use JSM Central Govt Payroll Software to process salaries as per VII Central Pay Commission Recommendations.

Jan 10 2017
JSM launches new version of JSM Timesheet Software adding new functionalities and flexible and powerful reporting features.

JSM releases new version of JSM Timesheet Software. JSM Timesheet Software Ver 16.09 launched. JSM adds many new functionalities to various modules to the Timesheet Software. New, powerful and flexible reporting options are also added. Powerful enhancements added to the Project and Time Sheet Modules.

Jan 01 2017
Start of 2017 with Global Launch of Ver 16.09 of JSM HRIS Software.

Jan 2017 marks the launch of Ver 16.09 of JSM HRIS Software. Powerful new functionalities along with great reporting options added to the Core HR Software and allied modules covering Performance Management, ESS, Training management, Exit, Expense Management and Travel Management Software.

Dec 07 2016
Official Release of Ver 16.09 of JSM Payroll Software.

India Payroll Software Release. JSM launces Ver 16.09 of JSM Payroll Software. Enhanced features and functionalities added. New Report builders further added to the existing portfolio.

Nov 15 2016
JSM launches new version of JSM HR Software adding new functionalities and flexible and powerful reporting features.

JSM releases new version of JSM HR Software. JSM Human Resources Software Ver 16.08 launched. JSM adds many new functionalities to various modules to the HR Software. New, powerful and flexible reporting options are also added.

Oct 28 2016
JSM launches a new version of Performance Management Software for Manufacturing and allied Industries.

JSM Launches a new version of JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software to automate Appraisal Process in Manufacturing Industries. JSM PMS covers Goal Setting by Reporting Managers, acceptance by Employees and lastly review by HOD. Achievement data entry by employees as well as reporting managers and review by the HOD. JSM PMS Software is open and flexible allowing admin users to set deadlines for each step of Goal Setting as well as Appraisal process. Flexibility to set KRA for groups of employees. Flexibility to reopen by HR. Dynamic reports and a powerful report builder back up JSM Appraisal Management Software.

Sep 02 2016
Powerful new reports added to JSM Central Govt Payroll Software.

JSM released a new set of reporting features in JSM Central Govt Payroll Software adding a whole new set of reports as well providing more flexibilities in reporting options. New features launched in GPF ledger automation.

Aug 26 2016
Complete Service Book Automation for Government Clients.

JSM further incorporates new features in JSM HR Software helping clients in Government sector to handle the challenging task of Service Book Maintenance. Service Book is one of the most important tasks in Govt organizations. Now these clients can at a click view entire Service Book Data.

Jul 10 2016
JSM Central Govt Payroll Software Ver 16.01 launched by JSM with new functionalities and workflows.

JSM Central Govt Payroll Software Ver 16.01 launched by JSM in Bangalore. JSM Central Govt Payroll Software automates the payroll processing in Central Govt, Public Sector and Autonomous bodies. The new features shall further enhance the automation of key activities in the Pay Bill department. New reporting feature will help clients meet the reporting requirements of DDO / Pay Bill section.

Jul 05 2016
JSM launches ver 16.01 of JSM Travel Management Software with many new features and enhancements.

JSM releases Version 16.01 of JSM TSM Software – a leading Travel Management Software. JSM adds new features enhancing further the functionality and flexibility offered to clients. JSM further adds to Travel Business Intelligence in its software.

Jul 03 2016
JSM Launches Ver 16.01 of JSM Software for Public Sector, Central Govt and Autonomous Bodies with completely online LTC workflows for each employee.

JSM Central Govt HR Software is meant for Central Govt, Public Sector and Autonomous Institutes having key features useful for managing the HR for these organizations. JSM adds more features in HR Software specifically meant for Central Govt Organizations. JSM adds more depth and flexibility in the Leave module to meet the specific leave rules of Central Govt. JSM launches new version of LTC / Leave workflows enabling Central Govt employees full control on LTC, Leave and Leave Encashment workflows. Now each employee can go online and apply for Leave / LTC / Leave Encashment and the entire process of applying, checking block year data, verifying balances, approval, approval status and encashment is seamlessly integrated.

Jul 01 2016
JSM Launches ver 16.01 of JSM HRIS Software.

JSM launches ver 16.01 of JSM HRIS Software adding many new features, enhancements in existing modules, new BI modules, powerful new reporting’s and many other advances.

May 31 2016
JSM launches new modules in JSM HRIS Software for Academic Staff.

JSM launches new version of JSM HRIS Software adding new modules helping Academic Staff in Higher Education Institutions. JSM HRIS Software helps academic staff keep record of Research Papers published in books and journals. JSM HRIS Software help clients keep record of all publications in National and International Journals. Records are maintained for publications made in referred and non-refereed journals helping clients keep up to date information on activities of their valuable human resources. JSM HRIS Software keeps track of conferences, presentations, trainings, meetings, symposiums, seminars, awards and recognitions WRT to research staff.

Jan 18 2016
JSM further adds new reports to the State Wise Compliances section under Shops & Establishment Act and Labour Act.

Dec 26 2015
JSM RBI Reporting Software moves reporting to RBI to a new Web Based Reporting system for Factoring companies.

Nov 06 2015
JSM releases Ver 15..06 of JSM Central Government Payroll Software adding new and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Nov 05 2015
JSM completes beta version of New JSM Corporate Web Site. New Version of JSM Web Site is expected to be released in Nov 2nd Week.

Nov 01 2015
JSM releases Ver 15.06 of JSM Travel Management Module incorporating new features to travel workflows.

Oct 29 2015
JSM adds new functionalities in Overtime, Leave and Attendance module with specific features for the Manufacturing industry.

Aug 31 2015
JSM announces release of Ver 15.03 of JSM Expense Management System incorporating many new features.

Aug 13 2015
JSM Announces Ver 15.03 of JSM Employee Self Service Software adding new workflows

Aug 01 2015
JSM releases Ver 15.03 of JSM Timesheet Management System adding more features and reporting capabilities .

Jul 25 2015
JSM announces release of Ver 15.02 of JSM Central Government Payroll Software with added features in Central Government Employee TDS .

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