JSM PMS Software for Government and Public Sector A comprehensive performance management software. Online PMS Software and Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) automation software.
JSM PMS & PAR Software for Government & Public Sector

Performance Management Systems in Government

Far-reaching changes in the global economy have made it imperative for the governments all over the world to improve the quality of their governance structures. The Government of India has also introduced the New Public Management concepts in public administration with emphasis on ‘results’ or ‘performance’ to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services.

There is a strong need for a comprehensive performance management system providing multi-dimensional assessment of performance. Setting targets and priorities in line with government’s plans and available resources. Preparation and periodical review of performance indicators of each employee with well-defined principles for achievement.

JSM’s PMS is a system which would enable organizations to meaningfully and objectively link employees performance vis-à-vis the agency’s Organizational Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals. It is a technology composed of strategies, methods, and tools for ensuring fulfillment of the functions of the offices and its personnel as well as for assessing the quality, quantity and timeliness of the accomplishments.

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  • Maintenance
Special Features

  • JSM PMS Software acts as

    • a system for managing organizational performance
    • a system for managing employee performance
    • a system for integrating the management of organizational and employee performance

  • Achievement of Organizations goals

    The JSM Performance Management software is also seen as a significant link in the entire process of attaining the Organization’s goals because it aims to produce information useful in planning, management and decision-making processes and to help address crucial management issues and constraints.

    Individual contributions can be linked to the strategic objectives of the organization. Annual performance agreements signed between the Minister and the Secretary/Heads of Departments, providing physical and verifiable details of the work to be done during a financial year can be recorded in JSM PMS Software

  • Integrated Performance Management System

    JSM PMS is an integrated system for managing performance.

    JSM performance management is linked to other modules of JSM HRIS Software.

  • PMS Calendar

    JSM PMS Calendar acts as a guide which tells when and what processes / forms must be submitted and when PMS activities must be undertaken.

  • JSM PMS Software provides for the identification of the outputs as well as the job-related behaviours of the position/functions and the corresponding performance standards which should be mutually agreed upon between the supervisor and the subordinates.

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Public enterprises

    This is a major instrument of performance management in public enterprises. It is essentially a negotiated performance agreement between government and the management of the public enterprises. This system improves accountability and enhances autonomy. JSM provides a PMS Solution that supports MoU based performance management system.

  • JSM PMS Software enable Supervisors to be given opportunity by the System to make comments and recommendations regarding employee’s strengths and weaknesses which may be instrumental in furthering his career or identifying constraints that may impede his development.

  • Online filing of APARs

    Online filing of APARs is crucial for good governance as it eliminates the possibility of any manipulation in the physical forms and ensures timely submission and finalisation of APARs which are invaluable tools for assessing the performance of officers with a view to chalk out their career progression and training needs. Further, availability of APARs online makes them readily accessible to the officers concerned thereby making the system transparent and immune to inefficiencies associated with physical transit of APARs.

    As a measure towards good governance, Government Departments are making online filing of Performance Appraisal Reports (PAR) mandatory. JSM PAR Software automates the online submission of PAR.

    JSM PMS software solutions automates the process of Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) of CCS Officers and other cadres.

  • JSM PMS Software allows for an employee who expresses dissatisfaction with the rating given him may appeal through the duly established Grievance Procedure of the Department or Agency within 15 days after receipt of his copy of his performance rating.

  • JSM PMS Software allows for dissemination of the details of the annual performance agreements and the results of the assessment by all authorities.

  • Usage of JSM PMS Software

    Every organization that wants to develop and compensate its employees needs to have some systems for determining where they are doing well, where they need help, and what their job is “worth.” This is the job of performance appraisal or evaluation systems. Some of the uses of JSM PMS Software include:

    • Giving feedback to employees
    • Giving directions to employees
    • Identifying training needs
    • Fostering communication between manager and employee
    • Providing evidence for promotion decisions
    • Providing a basis for compensation decision
    • Serving as a defence in legal cases associated with promotions or terminations

  • JSM PSM Software Goals

    JSM PMS Software aims to maintain and improve the ability of the organization to achieve corporate objectives through the development of strategies designed to enhance the contribution of manpower at all times. By having a set of evaluation tools that measure different group of employees, the tools tend to validate the result of each other.

    JSM PMS Software allows for an objective performance rating which shall serve as basis for incentives and rewards, promotion, training and development, personnel actions and administrative sanctions .

  • Appraisal Masters

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software provides facility to HR Admin users to define appraisal years and review frequencies as per their organization needs.

  • Competency Module

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software provides facility to HR Admin users to define Competency categories and proficiency levels and points. Facility to define competencies as per client requirement based on 9 options including designation wise. JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software provides facility to HR Admin users to set Required Proficiency levels based on 9 option including designation wise for each Competency. Facility to record Available Proficiency for each competency for each employee and then arrive at a Gap Analysis indicating gaps in competency levels WRT each competency.

  • KPI / KRA based goal Setting

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software provides facility to define KPI / KRA for the year and set review frequencies.

  • KPI / KRA Review

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software provides Facility to for each employee to log in and give self-rating – quantitative as well qualitative entry is possible. Facility for each manager to log in and give rating for each subordinate.

  • Performance Review

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software allows to do Performance review Planning; identify training needs and areas of improvement. Facility to record recommendation by various people and promotion / increment results.

  • 360 Degree Feedback

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software allows to do complete 360 degrees Performance review. HR Admin users have facility set various rules. Employees can log in and conduct 360 degree feedback on superiors, colleagues and subordinates.

  • Approver Configurations

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software provides facility to HR Admin users to set approvers and approval levels / policies as per company policy

  • Email Configurations

    JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software provides facility to HR Admin users to set email configurations for alerts and on submissions / approvals / rejections.


JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs JSMTPL can customize Human Performance Management Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost. In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done.

Implementation Support

JSMTPL shall help you in entering all Masters. We shall understand your business logic and guide you in inputting these in JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software. JSM has world class senior team who have a minimum of 100 clients past experience in implementation.


JSM provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. JSM's proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software. At the start of the implementation JSM charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software. All Trainings are provided by World class experts who have a minimum of 16 Years Experience and have already trained at least 100 clients.


After JSM completes Implementation and Training of all uses free Maintenance starts for a fixed period. JSM shall take care of any queries you may have during this period. The free Maintenance period lets you get settled down in the software. After you have developed confidence in the software and had a few months successful usage of JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software JSMTPL encourages you to sign up for the paid Maintenance. Here you get cost effective support on a annual basis along with new versions and updates.

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