JSM Flexi Benefits Software JSM Payroll Software is an advanced 16 Years old software automating Payroll, Reimbursements, Full n Final Settlements and Compliances.
JSM Flexi Benefits Software

Many organizations have Flexi Benefit as part of their compensation and benefits package.

Organizations generally divide their compensation and benefits package as Basic Salary, allowances and reimbursements.

JSM ESS Software solutions help organizations in designing and implementing their Flexi Benefit and policies and in disbursement.

JSM ESS Software allows organization to define the Flexi Benefit Selection Policies for Employees to Select Flexi benefit.JSM ESS software allows you to create kinds of Flexi Benefit Deadline Policies and set of Entitlement Policies too.

Employees can submit Flexi Benefit online and get approvals online and check approvals status as well as reimbursement details. Employees take prints of reimbursement slips too.

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Special Features
  • Flexi Head Submission Policies

    JSM ESS Software allows you to create the Different Deadline Polices for New Joinees and For Working Employees.

  • Flexi Head selection Policies

    JSM Flexi Benefit System allows you to define Flexi Head Selection Policies as per your requirements. You can define the Head wise Remuneration Policies. You can define any Particular Head selection mandatory or not .

  • Grouping Parameter Master

    JSM ESS Software Allow you to create the Flexi Benefit Groups and you can restrict employee selection by creating the Groups .you can define the group should it go to approval or not .you can also define from the group some heads are mandatory to select . You can modify any Grouping data to meet specific requirements.

  • Flexi Head Submission – ESS

    JSM Flexi Benefit Software through ESS gives each employee facility to Submit online for Flexi Head and check approval status.

  • Flexi Head Approvals – ESS

    JSM Flexi Benefit Software through ESS gives each manager / Supervisor facility to check online Flexi benefit application submitted by Employees, see their Flexi Selection and then approve or disapprove Selection.

  • Completely Masters Driven JSM ESS Software

    There is no hard coding of any business logic. You define your own rules / business logic. JSM ESS Software has been designed so that it can take care of variations in business logic / rules from company to company. The advantage to you as a customer is that this avoids costly customizations.

  • Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization

    JSM ESS Software lets you define your business logic for Flexi Benefit like Grouping the Heads, making the approval is mandatory or not, other important areas. So you can create rules that exist in your organization in JSM ESS Software.

  • Flexi Submission Policies

    JSM ESS Software allows you to create policies and change them as and when announced by the management. JSM Payroll Software keeps past versions and allows you to modify policies.


JSM Flexi Benefits Management Software is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs JSMTPL can customize Flexi Benefits Management Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost. In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done.

Implementation Support

JSMTPL shall help you in entering all Masters. We shall understand your business logic and guide you in inputting these in JSM Flexi Benefits Management Software. JSM has world class senior team who have a minimum of 100 clients past experience in implementation.


JSM provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. JSM's proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in JSM Flexi Benefits Management Software. At the start of the implementation JSM charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software. All Trainings are provided by World class experts who have a minimum of 16 Years Experience and have already trained at least 100 clients.


After JSM completes Implementation and Training of all uses free Maintenance starts for a fixed period. JSM shall take care of any queries you may have during this period. The free Maintenance period lets you get settled down in the software. After you have developed confidence in the software and had a few months successful usage of JSM Flexi Benefits Management Software JSMTPL encourages you to sign up for the paid Maintenance. Here you get cost effective support on a annual basis along with new versions and updates.

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