JSM TIMESHEET SOFTWARE Industry Specific JSM Timesheet and Project Management Software For IT, Consulting, Construction And Engineering Organizations For Employee Time & Project Tracking And Automating Employee Timesheets Submissions And Approvals.
JSM Timesheet and Project Management Software for Project and Time Tracking in Project based organizations

JSM Technologies specialises in providing advanced Timesheet and Project Management Software for Project Based organizations for Employee Time and Project Tracking and giving important and comprehensive project insights on man hours allocation and utilisation based on user defined parameters. JSM Time and Project Tracking Software enables organizations to do project man hours allocations division or department or employee wise and automate the entire process of Employee Timesheet submissions, booking man hours to projects allocated and approvals and helping organizations to track employee time on 4 key metrics – Project, Client, KRA and Activity. Critical and complicated Project Performance Reporting indicating underrun or overrun for the overall project or department or division wise can be taken with ease from JSM Time Sheet and Project Software. The report on Salary Cost for projects pulls in data from the man hours booked under the respective projects and the salary cost of the employees working on those projects to provide a very important view on the salary Cost metric for projects.

IT, Engineering and allied industries work on projects. Employees work on projects on a day to day basis putting man hours on Projects, Clients, KRA’s and activities. Employees in different organizations may fill timesheets either on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Employees book man hours towards all or some of the 4 key parameters – Clients, Projects, KRA and activities. Employees also have provision to mention more details related to project, completion status, allowances etc.

Supervisors have a need to track Projects and employee time and check employees Timesheets for accuracy and correctness of data filled. Cross functional team need timesheet data for critical project man hours data, attendance, leave, and allowances information as well as for payroll processing. The PMO office, billing and finance department have needs for timesheet data for project management, billing and client invoicing.

JSM offers Timesheet and Project Management Software solutions for organizations which address needs of all employees and teams and cross functional departments across the organization.

JSM Timesheet software empowers all employees to post man hours against clients, projects, KRA and Activities. Other fields that can be used as per client requirements are – Percentage completion, completion status, remarks, allowances and more. Client specific fields can be added or deleted as per client requirement. Client can set their own rules and frequency for timesheet filling and submission. Integration with attendance machine can be done to show in and out time and variance between time sheet hours and attendance hours.

JSM Timesheet software allows supervisors to log in for project and time tracking and check and approve their team member’s timesheets. Rules for approvals too can be set.

HR, Finance, PMO, Billing and other related teams can login and check timesheets of employees and can use approved data for various purposes and MIS to management. JSM Project Management Software provides you key project related info on man hours allocation, man hours utilisation, over run and under run.

JSM Time and Project Tracking software has a powerful reporting module where all concerned stake holders can take our reports as per their requirement. There are many options for period wise as well as division, department wise, project, client, KRA and activity wise reporting.

JSM Timesheet BI Software allows top management to undertake important analytics. JSM Timesheet BI empowers top management with deep intelligence to gain deep understanding of their Project and timesheet data organization wide.

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