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JSM Business Intelligence Software

JSM provides Business Intelligence Solutions covering HR, Leave, Attendance, Payroll, Compliance and Sales amongst others.

JSM Business Analytics solutions give you deep insight into every aspect of your organization. JSM BI helps you understand your business more clearly. JSM BI covers every important business aspect and presents it to top management in a user friendly manner. JSM provides tremendous flexibility in ways in which you can analyse each aspect of your business. JSM BI helps you in gaining deep insight into various operations of your business and see trends which otherwise would never be possible with traditional means. With the deep understanding of your business you can predict outcomes, see patterns and take better informed decisions in your business. With JSM BI you can prevent poor and incorrect decisions which can have damaging consequences for your business.

JSM is working in partnership with leading companies to design and implement custom made Business Intelligence solutions to help them manage key business areas better.

  • HR BI
  • Leave BI
  • Attendance BI
  • Projects BI
  • Timesheet BI
  • Payroll BI
  • Compliances BI
  • Sales BI
JSM HR Business Intelligence

JSM HR Business Intelligence Software provides key business analytics on all HR processes from Recruitment till Exit. Now you can understand how HR is affecting your business, see key trends, take better predictive decisions and run your business more efficiently.

JSM HR Business Intelligence Software provides Business Analytics in following areas –

1. Recruitment
2. Employee Profile
3. Compensation and Benefits
4. Confirmations
5. Training
6. PMS / Appraisal
7. Increments
8. Promotions and Redesignation
9. Transfers
10. Attrition
11. Separation
12. Other HR areas

JSM Leave Business Intelligence

JSM Leave Business Intelligence software provides in intelligence needed to manage one of the most important areas of business – Leave. Leave affects overall performance in every organization and is one of key areas to be analysed and understood.

JSM Leave Business intelligence lets the top management get the holistic picture of leave and how it is affecting the other areas. Top Management can understand trends, key facts and take corrective action wherever required.

JSM Leave Analytics lets you analyse Leave from various important angles and shows it in relation to overall attendance and productivity.

JSM Attendance Business Intelligence

Attendance is one of the key performance areas in any organization. Gain insight into this very important business aspect with JSM Attendance Analytics.

Compare data across the organization, business areas and 7 other parameters. See key trends. Helps you to be alert to any shortcomings and take corrective action in time.

Gain a deeper insight into Attendance across the organization. Identify potential problem areas and take corrective action based on hard facts. Identify the poor performers and best performers.

JSM Attendance BI helps you in managing attendance better across your organization and ultimately improves productivity of your organization.

JSM Project Business Intelligence

Projects based organizations – IT, Consultancies, Engineering and other allied industries will benefit from JSM Project Business Intelligence.

Projects are the base of all work in these organizations. Managing projects better, more efficiently and profitably is the key objective of all IT and Engineering companies.

JSM Project BI helps you analyse Projects based performance parameters.

Analyse key areas in Clients and Projects performance with JSM Project Analytics.

JSM Project BI helps top management in ensuring that the organization goals set are indeed followed through down till the lowest levels. JSM Software helps you to keep track of key client and project based metrics to ensure organization is moving on the right track.

JSM Timesheet Business Intelligence

JSM Timesheet Business Intelligence help you manage the most important asset in all IT and Engineering companies – Time.

Time is the most critical asset in all IT and Engineering companies and managing time better is the never ending goal of all such companies.

Now you can understand and analyse deeper with JSM Timesheet Business Intelligence Software.

See where people across your organization are spending time. JSM Timesheet BI Software lets you analyse Timesheet on 4 key parameters – Client, Project, KRA and Activity. Other parameters too can be included.

Gain insight into how your people’s time spent on Client, Project, KRA and Activity is affecting your business, identify potential problem areas and take appropriate actions.

Top Management sets yearly goals for their organizations. Now you can see how entire organization is moving towards achieving those goals by analysing timesheet activities. JSM Timesheet BI Software helps in managing the organization goals better.

JSM Payroll Business Intelligence

Payroll is a very important cost element of all organizations. Top Management looks forward to HR and Finance departments to provide key information on this very important aspect of business.

Payroll intelligence is needed by all organizations to understand deeper the Payroll business area, identify key trends and gain deeper knowledge about Payroll. It is also needed to better manage the business and take correct future decisions.

JSM Payroll Business Intelligence provides you with key business intelligence in all Payroll related areas.

JSM Payroll Business Intelligence provides business analytics in the following areas –

1. Loans and Advances
2. Over time
3. Bonus
4. Gratuity
5. Out of payroll payments
6. Variable earning and deductions.
7. Payroll Processing
8. Stop Salary
9. Reimbursements
10. Full n Final Settlements
11. Other miscellaneous payroll areas
12. Overall Payroll heads.

JSM Payroll BI puts the Payroll Intelligence in the hands of Top Management so that they can have a deep and holistic understanding of their Payroll, identify key trends and take informed decisions ultimately leading to running a business more efficiently.

JSM Compliances Business Intelligence

Compliances are a key regulatory area for companies to be complaint with.

JSM Compliances BI helps you manage a key area in every organization – Compliances.

Get in depth knowledge about all Compliances - Income Tax, Provident Fund / Pension, ESIC, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund, Bonus, GPF, NPS, CGEIS, CGHS and others.

JSM Compliances analytics gives you all the intelligence you need to manage compliances.

JSM Sales Business Intelligence

Sales are the key driving factor of every organization. Top Management needs to be having all the intelligence on Sales to conduct its business profitably.

JSM Sales Business Intelligence enables Management to analyse sales data and historical trends.

You can now understand how other business areas are affecting sales. Analyse how other business functions relate to sales and take better and informed decisions to improve your business.

Companies set goals in key performance areas. JSM Sales BI now enables Top Management to measure those key areas, track them regularly and with the deep knowledge gained take decisions to grow their business.

JSM can partner with you to customize JSM Sales Business Intelligence Software to help you meet your specific BI requirements which can give your organization a tremendous edge over others in marketplace success.

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