JSM Payroll Software With Compliance Management JSM Payroll Software Is An Advanced 19 Years Old Software Automating Payroll, Reimbursements, Full N Final Settlements And Compliances.
JSM Payroll Software

JSM Payroll software is an Advanced 19 + Years old Payroll Software developed by JSM Technologies India. JSM Payroll Software is User Friendly, Flexible, Parameter & Policy Driven and is the Most Comprehensive Payroll package. JSM Salary Software automates all Payroll activities and is tightly integrated with Leave and Attendance, Timesheet, HR and Statutory Modules. JSM Salary Software has a comprehensive, web based Employee Self Service Software module enabling all Employees to perform all activities in a efficient manner. JSM Payroll Software has an powerful Business Intelligence (BI) Module that gives Top Management instant and valuable information on 50+ Payroll and Costing Parameters.

JSM Payroll Software through the ESS Module allows all employees to enter Tax Declarations, Proofs, Reimbursement Bills, Restructure Reimbursement heads (Flex Benefits), upload Expense Claims as well as Reimbursement bills and much more. JSM Payroll Software ESS module puts all the information in the hands of employee, be it - viewing Salary slips, Reimbursement Slips, Expense Slips, or any kind of historical information including Increments history.

Payroll is an important activity in any organization. JSM Payroll Software has been specially developed by JSM Technologies India for automating Indian Payroll and Salary. With JSM Payroll it is possible to maximize the potential of HR and Accounts through timely and accurate Salary Processing, efficient handling of Reimbursements, Loans & Advances and Government of India statutory / Compliances requirements including all PF and ESIC challans, PT, LWF, Bonus and TDS.

JSM Payroll Software is integrated with JSM HR Software and JSM Leave and Attendance Management Software so that HR, Leave and Attendance and Payroll modules are all seamlessly integrated.

JSM Payroll Software can be used by Global companies across the world with little customization to meet country specific requirements. JSM also offers a specialised payroll software called - JSM Central Govt Payroll Software for Indian Central Govt Organizations meeting VI & VII Pay Commission requirements.

Automating Payroll in India with JSM Payroll Package will reduce the work load on HR and Accounts staff, facilitate confidentiality, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing Salary related information. Because of its integration with JSM HR Software it offers a single view of all data to both HR and Finance departments.

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  • Customizations
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Special Features
  • Maker Checker Concept / Sox Compliance

    JSM Payroll Software meets Sox Compliance. It has an Maker Checker Concept in Key HR and Payroll inputs thus helping you meet tough Audit Requirements.

  • Completely Masters Driven Payroll Software

    There is no hard coding of any business logic. You define your own rules / business logic. JSM Payroll Software has been designed so that it can take care of variations in business logic / rules from company to company. The advantage to you as a customer is that this avoids costly customizations.

  • Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization

    JSM Payroll Software lets you define your business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Salary Rules, Bonus, Arrears, Overtime, Leave and Attendance, Income Tax, Professional Tax, PF and ESIC and other important areas. So you can create rules that exist in your organization in JSM Payroll Software.

  • Powerful and Flexible Organizational Structure Module

    JSM Payroll Software has an powerful Organizational Structure module that lets you create multiple office types and offices. JSM Payroll Software lets you define the Organizational Structure as applicable in your organization. JSM Payroll Software lets you create multiple Divisions, Departments or Sections as well as Multiple Grades, Levels, Bands or Designations.

  • Multi Company Multi Location Payroll Software

    JSM Payroll Software is an Multi Company, Multi-Location Payroll software. You can create multiple offices.

  • All Payroll inputs Import from Excel

    JSM Payroll Software allows you to import all Payroll inputs from excel.

  • Powerful reporting capabilities

    JSM Payroll Software offers unparalleled Payroll Reporting capabilities. User has the control on selecting reporting criteria. JSM Payroll Software has more than 75 reports and satisfies the needs of powerful reports in Payroll.

  • Linking with Attendance Machine

    JSM Payroll Software has an in built import module which helps you import Attendance data from any Attendance Machine. JSM Payroll Software can import data from any DBF or MDB file that is commonly used by all Attendance Machines.

  • Facility to print Letters

    JSM Payroll Software lets you printout important letters freeing up your time. You can print Increment letter, FnF letter, Bank Transfer Letter, Insurance related letters, PF and ESIC Letters and other important letters.

  • Facility to Email Salary Slips

    JSM Payroll Software lets you email Salary Slips to all Employees

  • Floppy Generation

    JSM Payroll Software lets you create Floppy for Bank Transfer, PF, ESIC, Insurance and TDS.

  • Powerful PF and ESIC Reporting Module

    JSM Payroll Software has one of the most powerful PF and ESIC Reporting in the Industry. We provide the most comprehensive range of PF and ESIC reports. JSM Payroll Software has more than 15 PF and 7 ESIC reports available.

  • Report Codes

    JSM Payroll Software lest you create your own report codes. These report codes appear on upper left hand corner of each report. So if you are following lets say ISO and have an specific code for each report JSM Payroll Software lets you specify that.

  • Powerful Reporting Tool

    JSM Payroll Software uses Crystal Reports that is the most powerful reporting tool in the industry today.

  • Facility to export all Reports

    JSM Payroll Software lets you export all Reports into Excel, Word and many other formats.

  • Powerful Security Module

    JSM Payroll Software has an advanced Security Module that lets you create Roles and then assign these to as many users as possible. JSM Payroll Software lest you create form and report level security. JSM Payroll Software lets you restrict access to each Form and in that too you can specify for each user these activities - Whether he / she can view the form, modify data or delete data.

  • Back up and Restore Module

    JSM Payroll Software has an robust Backup Module that lets you create your own backups and specify where you wish to take backup.

  • Report Designer

    JSM Payroll Software has an advanced Report Designer that lets you create reports the way you want. JSM Payroll Software lets you decide which fields you want to select and then take out an report as per your specific needs.

  • Alerts

    JSM Payroll Software lets you create Automatic Alerts so that you can get timely reminders of important events at times you want. So you can now get reminders of Increments due, Important statutory date etc.

  • Centralized Documents Management

    Take the pain out of managing multiple documents in multiple locations / systems. Now you can attach any Windows document to JSM Payroll Software. JSM Payroll software gives you facility to attach any document be it Word, Excel, Notepad or any other document and then open it from JSM Payroll Software itself.

  • Facility to Scan photographs and Signatures

    JSM Payroll Software lets you scan photographs and signatures and attach to JSM Payroll software

  • Personalized Salary Slip Printing

    JSM Payroll Software let you choose between common messages for all Employees on Salary Slip or personalized messages for individual employees. So go ahead and wish your Employees "Happy Birthday" and Happy Anniversary" on their important days.

  • Policies Versioning

    JSM Payroll Software allows you to create policies and change them as and when announced by the management. JSM Payroll Software keeps past versions and allows you to modify policies.

Part 1 - Employee Masters Modules

JSM Payroll Software captures more than 100 important information about an Employee. This forms the backbone of an Employee Database.

  • Employee General Information

    This covers basic information about an Employee such as -Name, Emp Code, Fathers name, all Contact Addresses, Email Addresses, Mobile Numbers etc.

  • Employee Salary Structure

    This covers complete Employee Salary Structure details covering all Earning and Deduction heads and Benefits.

  • Employee Dependent Details

    This cover all information about Employee Dependents that is required from Payroll and Reimbursement perspectives.

  • Employee Payroll Information

    This cover important information line Bank Details, Account Number, PF and ESIC Number, PAN Number, Blood Group etc.

  • Past Employment Details

    This covers important information of past employment including Employer Name, Salary Structure and Positions held.

Part 2 - Employee Transaction Modules

JSM Payroll Software has provision to record day to day activities related an employee covering reporting relationships, Transfers to other branches, Re-designations and finally Employee Separations.

  • Employee Reporting

    This covers Employee Reporting relationships. JSM Payroll Software provides facility for an Employee to report to more than 1 Superior.

  • Employee Transfers

    JSM Payroll Software provides facility to Transfer an Employee to any other branch and track movement of an Employee across branches.

  • Assets

    JSM Payroll Software lets you keep track of any Asset issued to an employee and its return. JSM Payroll Software helps you during Full and Final Settlement of an employee by displaying pending assets.

  • Employee Re-designation

    JSM Payroll Software provides facility to re-designate an Employee.

  • Employee Separations

    JSM Payroll Software provides an facility to separate Employee, track notice periods and do Full and Final Settlements.

Part 3 - Leave and Attendance Modules

JSM Payroll Software has an dynamic Leave and Attendance Module covering Attendance Machine Integration, Leaves Entry, Employee Attendance Entry and Leave Encashment

  • Leave and Attendance Masters

    JSM Payroll has an dynamic Leave Masters module where you create masters as per your organization's Leave and Attendance Policies. You enter your own logic and JSM Payroll Software does all Leave processing as per your rules.

  • Attendance Machine

    JSM Payroll has superb Attendance Machine Integration module whereby you can import attendance machine data into JSM Payroll Software software with the click of a button.

  • Leave Transaction

    JSM Payroll Software allows you keep track of all leaves taken by Employees.

  • Leave Encashment

    In case your organization has Leave Encashment policy JSM Payroll Software helps you in providing Leave Encashment to Employees.

  • Monthly Attendance

    Through this module in JSM Payroll Software you can enter Attendance details of employees. In JSM Payroll Software Monthly Attendance can be imported from any Attendance Machine or from excel or can be inputted online by each employee. HR department still has facility to override any data as may be required

Part 4 - Payroll Modules
  • Earning and Deduction Heads Master

    JSM Payroll Software lets you create any number of Earning and Deduction heads. Our powerful rules engine lets you set rules and regulations against each head the way you want. You decide for each earning head which you want to show on the salary slip, which shall be an reimbursement, whether you want each to be paid monthly or yearly, whether LWP is applicable and whether Leave Encashment is applicable. JSM Payroll Software also lets you decide whether each should be included in the calculation of Income Tax, PF, ESIC and Bonus. JSM Payroll Software has an unique feature whereby you can set formulas so that each earning head can be set as an Percent of Basic or a fixed Amount. This can be fixed Grade / Level / Designation wise.

  • Reimbursement

    JSM Payroll Software has a complete Reimbursement module to help you check reimbursement-head- wise balance due to each employee, given reimbursements, track bills submissions and also record dependents bills wise. JSM Payroll Software has an powerful Flexi Benefit Feature too.

  • Loan

    JSM Payroll Software has an Advanced Loan module. You can create any number of Loan Types and define each loan as interest bearing or not. Provision to give loan, define periods and auto calculation of EMI. Further provision to reschedule loan by period or amount, early completion and additional recovery make our Loan module a dynamic one to handle any kind of situation.

  • Salary Advance

    Facility to give Salary Advance

  • Miscellaneous Earnings

    Facility to give miscellaneous earning to any employee

  • Miscellaneous Deductions

    Facility to deduct under miscellaneous deduction from any employee

  • Arrears

    Facility to give Incremental Arrears and Arrears against LWP. Facility to define retrospective date for arrears.

  • Increment

    Facility to give Increment.

  • Stop Salary

    Facility to stop salary.

  • Insurance

    A complete Insurance Module

  • Bonus

    Complete Bonus module where u set in rules existing in your organization. Facility to auto calculate bonus as well as manual edit facility

  • Gratuity

    Complete Gratuity module

  • Superannuation

    Complete Superannuation module

  • Welfare Fund

    JSM Payroll Software lets you automate Punjab and Haryana related Labor Welfare Fund and integrate it with Salary Processing.

  • Salary Processing

    JSM Payroll Software has an advanced Salary Processing module where you just need to select Office and Branch whose salary you need to process and after pressing "Process" within a few seconds all Employees salary in that branch is processed.

  • Salary Processing - Hourly Wages

    JSM Payroll Software has provision to process salary of Hourly Wages Employees.

  • Salary by Cheque / DD

    This gives you facility to pay Salary by Cheque / DD.

  • Special Remuneration

    This is a special facility provided in JSM Payroll Software where in case in a particular month you wish to change the earning heads amount you can change them here. The changes you make are reflected in this month only. Next month onwards earning heads amount returns to original value as set in Employee Master.

  • Overtime Module

    Complete Overtime Module

  • Full and Final Settlement

    JSM Payroll Software have a powerful FnF module which takes care of notice period, flexibility to calculate based on gross or basic, checks office property, loan and all other details and finally does FnF. Facility to record payment details and then printout Full and Final Settlement Letter.

  • Salary Transfer

    Facility to automate Salary Transfers. JSM Payroll Software lets you take out Bank Transfer Letters. Floppy generation in pre-defined format is possible with JSM Payroll Software.

  • Manpower Budgeting

    JSM Payroll Software enables you to do Manpower Budgeting.

  • Forecasting

    JSM Payroll Software lets you forecast salaries for the next year based on pre defined parameters.

Part 5 - PF Modules
  • PF Master

    JSM Payroll Software lets you define PF rules / slabs as they exist. In case of any changes in rules you can change them in the masters and it shall get reflected them in the masters.

  • Nominees

    JSM Payroll Software lets you define nominees for PF.

  • Challans / Forms

    JSM Payroll software takes the pain out of PF challans making. Now you can take out all PF Challans / Reports / Forms from JSM Payroll Software. We offer the most comprehensive range of PF reports in the industry. These cover - Monthly Details, Monthly Challan, Form 3A, Form 5, Form 6A, Form 10, Form 12A, Form 10, Form 19, Form 2, Form 7, Form 11, PF Eligibility Register, EDLI List of Employees, EDLI list of Left Employees and PF Statement.

  • Floppy Generation

    JSM Payroll software lets you automatically create Floppy containing PF Data, Member data, Family Details, Guardian Data and Nominee Data.

Part 6 - ESIC Modules
  • ESIC Master

    JSM Payroll Software lets you define ESIC rules / slabs as they exist. In case of any changes in rules you can change them in the masters and it shall get reflected them in the masters.

  • Nominees

    JSM Payroll Software lets you define nominees for ESIC

  • Challans / Forms

    JSM Payroll software takes the pain out of ESIC challans making. Now you can take out all ESIC Challans / Reports / Forms from JSM Payroll. We offer the most comprehensive range of ESIC reports in the industry. These cover - Monthly Details, Monthly Challan, Form 1, Form 3, Form 6,and Form 32.

  • Floppy Generation

    JSM Payroll software lets you automatically create Floppy containing ESIC Data.

Part 7 - Income Tax Modules
  • Previous Employer Details

    JSM Payroll Software lets you capture tax details of previous employer.

  • House Rent Details

    JSM Payroll Software lets you capture House Rent details of an Employee and also track Metro / Non Metro movements.

  • Form 12 C

    JSM Payroll Software lets you capture all Form 12 C details.

  • Tax Computation

    Our Tax Computation sheet looks at Gross Salary (Head Wise), calculates Total Income, considers Deduction and Rebate, Tax already paid and Previous Employer Tax paid and finally returns the EMI.

  • Tax Deposit

    Captures all Tax deposit details

  • Tax Advice

    JSM Payroll Software lets you take printout of Tax Advice of each employee showing detailed Tax Computation details.

  • Tax Register

    Lets you take our report on Tax details month wise

  • Form 16

    JSM Payroll Software automates Form 16 printing.

Part 8 - Professional Tax Modules
  • Professional Tax Masters

    JSM Payroll Software provides an master where you can define State wise Professional Tax rates as applicable. These can be amount wise or percentage wise.

  • Report Options

    You can take out head wise reports or all heads, between 2 periods or for the entire year or month wise. You can sort Employee code wise or Name wise.

  • Earning and Deduction Heads Master

    Reports on Remuneration Heads, Details and Policies

  • Reimbursement

    JSM Payroll provides you with complete set of Reimbursement Reports to view balances heads wise, employee wise and monthly payment details.

  • Loan

    JSM Payroll provides a wide range of Loan related reports including Loan Issue Details, Loan Balance Statement, Loan Register and Monthly Recovery Report. You have option to choose Loan Type wise report or between 2 periods or monthly report .

  • Salary Advance

    Reports - Advance Register

  • Miscellaneous Earnings

    Reports on Miscellaneous Earning

  • Miscellaneous Deductions

    Reports on Miscellaneous Deductions.

  • Arrears

    Reports on Arrears - Arrear Details and Arrear Statement.

  • Increment

    Powerfull reports on Increment. Increment type wise, Details or Summary view. Reports include - Increment Details, Increment Due List and Increment Amount.

  • Stop Salary

    Report showing Stop Salary Details.

  • Insurance

    Complete set of reports on Insurance. These include - Insurance Policy Details, Employee Serial Numbers, Employee Insurance Details and Left Employee Insurance Details.

  • Bonus

    Complete report on Bonus Register.

  • Gratuity

    Gratuity related reports

  • Superannuation

    Superannuation related reports

  • Welfare Fund

    Welfare fund related reports

  • Salary

    JSM Payroll provides a exhaustive and informative range of Salary related reports. There is an Check List to help you check Salary Details before you process Salary. Other reports include - Income Details, Reconciliation Report, Department Wise Salary, Salary Reimbursement Head Wise and Summary.

  • Salary Slip

    JSM Payroll provides an comprehensive Salary Slip which is very dynamic with facility to user to select heads which are to be shown on Salary Slip. Facility to pre define Signatory name on Salary Slips. Facility to print messages on Salary Slips.

  • Salary Register

    JSM Payroll has one of the best Salary Register in the industry. Facility to take out Salary Register Employee wise. Facility to order by Employee Code or Employee Name. Facility to group by Employee or Department wise. Facility to show or remove certain heads from Salary Register.

  • Salary - Hourly Wages

    Reports on Salary Payments - Hourly Wages.

  • Salary by Cheque / DD

    Reports on Salary Payments by Cheque and DD.

  • Special Remuneration

    Reports on Special Renumeration.

  • Overtime Module

    Overtime Details.

  • Full and Final Settlement

    Complete Full and Final Settlement Report.

  • Bank Transfer - Salary

    Facility to export Bank Transfer report to word or Excel. Facility to sort by Account number or Name. Facility to remove specific heads. We can also print your Bank Transfer letter. JSM Payroll also gives you a report on Salary Credit

  • Manpower Budgeting

    Manpower Budgeting related reports

  • Forecasting

    Forecasting reports.


JSM Payroll Software is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs JSMTPL can customize the Payroll Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost. In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done.

Implementation Support
  • Master Entry / Business Policies Entry Support

    JSMTPL shall help you in entering all Masters. We shall understand your business logic and guide you in inputting these in JSM Payroll Software.

  • Employee Masters Entry Support

    JSMTPL shall guide you in building up the Employee Masters. Keeping your time deadlines in mind JSMTPL shall guide you with the fastest way of building up Employee Masters.

  • Leave and Attendance Data Entry Support

    JSMTPL shall help you in entering Leave and Attendance related data. These can be imported from your Attendance machine also.

  • Payroll Data Entry Support

    JSMTPL shall hand hold you in entering all Payroll data in the first month of installation. That way you shall get valuable insight on usage of the software and various features available.

  • Payroll Processing Support

    JSMTPL provides onsite support on the first salary processing day where our experts shall assist you while processing salary. We shall help you in matching your salary.

  • Data Entry Support

    JSMTPL can support you in Data Entry in case your organization wishes to outsource the same.

  • Data Porting Support

    In case you have data in Excel and wish it to be ported JSMTPL can support you here also. JSMTPL shall provide you with pre defined Excel formats and then import the same.

Training Support

JSM provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. JSM's proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in JSM Payroll. At the start of the implementation JSM charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software.

JSM Trainers have more than 20 Years Experience and are very senior people. That way you get trained from experts who have been training on JSM Products for more than 12 years.


After JSM completes Implementation and Training of all uses free Maintenance starts for a fixed period. JSM shall take care of any queries you may have during this period. The free Maintenance period lets you get settled down in the software. After you have developed confidence in the software and had a few months successful Salary Processing from JSM Payroll Software JSMTPL encourages you to sign up for the paid Maintenance. Here you get cost effective support on a annual basis along with new versions and updates.

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